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[21-02-2020] Request process statuses in bulk

As of the 10th of February, it is possible to fetch multiple process status in bulk from the Retailer API using only 1 request. With this new endpoint, you can provide up to 1000 process status id’s in one single

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Cancelled orders have been showing up as open orders – Look closely at cancellation requests

Unfortunately we have noticed that orders where payments by our customers have failed but are still showing up as open orders in the Retailer API and the seller dashboard. There is currently no way for you to define which orders

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[Resolved] Retailer API v3 – High amount of errors as of 10:30

We are currently having issues with the Retailer API v3 where a lot of the requests are failing because of a 404 not found error. We are looking into this issues and are trying to resolve it as soon as

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[Retailer API v3] Addition of ‘OfferId’ and ExpiryDate’ to the GET single order response

Earlier today we released a new version of the Retailer API V3 with which we expose the OfferID and the ExpiryDate for a specific order. The OfferID indicated which specific offer is related to the open order and can be

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Insights in performance KPI’s has been released in Retailer API v3

As of today it is possible to retrieve your scores for the performance KPI’s from the Retailer API v3. This means you can find out how you’re doing in regards to the different processes that we measure and hand out

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[Retailer API – all versions] GET list shipment requests has been reduced to a period of three months

On Monday 02-09-2019 we will be releasing some changes to the shipments endpoint of all versions. Currently we have no limits on the GET shipments call and with pagination you can retrieve all shipments whether it became a shipment yesterday

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Participation in promotion actions possible in seller account – API will follow

Today we released the option to participate in promotion actions when you adhere to certain quality criteria. This release is currently only applicable to the seller account and is not available in any version of the API. We are

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[Retailer API- V3] 13:35-13:54 – Downtime for the GET single order request

At 13:35 we released a new version for the GET single order requests which unfortunately caused a problem on our end which lead to 20 minutes of errors for certain GET single order requests. Because of the errors we had to

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[Retailer API] 29-08-2019 -Order flow will be down between 06:00 and 07:00

Tomorrow morning there will be downtime for some of ours services because we are releasing some new features. De downtime will be in our maintenance window (06:00-07:00) and will last for about ten minutes. During the downtime GET order and

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[Retailer API – all versions] 22-08 maintenance planned for the returns endpoint

Tomorrow morning between 06:00 and 07:00 we will be performing maintenance on the returns service which will impact all versions of the API and also the seller account. During this period retrieving, accepting or cancelling open returns will not possible.

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