01/10/2020 – Retailer API v4 now available!

It’s here! The Retailer API V4

Today, 1 October, the latest version of the bol.com Retailer API is available! In this fourth edition we not only add new functionality and made improvements, we’ve also made sure that connecting and migration is easier and better documented than before.

In this message on partner platform you can read was had changed and improved in the new bol.com Retailer API V4. Here you can find more information about the service ‘Automation through bol.com’.

Migration guide

With the introduction of this version, we’ve spent more attention to a seamless migration from V3 to V4. For this, we’ve created an extensive migration guide in which per endpoint, a clear overview has been created of what has been changed, added or removed.

In addition, we’ve made sure that different parts of the API are more consistent. We have especially lots of improvements regarding orders and shipments, which do take a bit more effort when migrating.

Do you require help when making this transition or want to start automating through bol.com? These integration partners can help you with that!

Improved documentation

The functional documentation about the API on our developer.bol.com, was not structured very conveniently which made finding the right information difficult. With the Retailer API V4 we’ve changed the look & feel of the documentation but more importantly, improved the structure and navigation which creates a better overview of the information and in turn makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Make sure you refresh your browser cache to reflect the changes.


Finally, we’ve also put effort into making more clear what we can expect from each other when using the Retailer API. This is described in the so called ‘Definition of Services & Usage’. Here you can find out about the technical and functional availability, together with the maintenance-schedule, the different phases on the API lifecycle and information about the fair use of the API. Please read this information carefully on our portal!

Next versions

Interested in which developments and versions are on the roadmap in the bol.com Retailer API? You can find more information in this message. This also means that you don’t necessarily have to migrated to version; you can also wait for version 5. Interested in more information? Take a look at our release planning and lifecycle process.

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