[Resolved] 08-10-2020 Orders can be available after cut-off or incomplete.

Since 09:00 there is some delay in our order-service. So you as partner can received orders after your cut-off point.
For example the costumer placed the order at 11:00 your delivery code is 24-12h and the order will be available after 13:00.

With orders where a customer had ordered several different items within one order from one partner. When a single order was requested via the API, we may not always have returned all orderItems in the response at that specific moment. We advise to double check your response and try it later again. If that does not work, you need to check in the seller dashboard and confirm the order.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, we will update this page.

Since 17:30 this issue is resolved, still double check all open orders if you have all the order item id’s

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