12-01-2021 Using JWT tokens in the OpenAPI

It is now possible to use the Retailer API token for the OpenAPI . This means you do not need to provide an API key as a query parameter.

An example call using the JWT token would be: `curl –request GET \ –url https://api.bol.com/catalog/v4/products/ettableproduct-id} \ –header ‘authorization: Bearer [jwt ] `. See Setting the Authorization headers to learn how to set the Bearer token.

If you have previously been using an API key in your request, you can remove it from your system once you have your JWT token. Once you have done this please let us know which API keys you are no longer using so that we can remove them from our side.

Rate limits for the OpenAPI

If you migrate to using JWT tokens for OpenAPI authentication, your rate limits will change to become the limits used in the Retailer API. The OpenAPI calls will now have a limit of 5 requests per second, or effectively 18,000 an hour – although you will need to spread them out over that time. For more information, refer to Rate limits .

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