[26-06-2020] – Fetching of process status up to 48 hours

After creating a process status, the Retailer API used to keep it available for a period of 30 days. We decided to shorten this period to 48 hours for optimization purposes. API Users should only poll the process status until it has reached an end state, and should locally store the entity and its state if it needs to be available beyond the API retention time.

Currently, process statuses can take up to 3 hours to reach an end state, and will remain unchanged after that. Under normal circumstances process statuses should either reach SUCCESS, FAILURE or TIMEOUT state well before the 48 hours have passed, allowing enough time for API users to retrieve the information.

Upon deletion, the retailer API will return a 404 (or no response in the bulk call). Please make sure these are handled properly to prevent unnecessary load on the API. Find more information on this process on our developers portal, see https://developers.bol.com/apiv3processstatus/

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