Insights in performance KPI’s has been released in Retailer API v3

As of today it is possible to retrieve your scores for the performance KPI’s from the Retailer API v3. This means you can find out how you’re doing in regards to the different processes that we measure and hand out scores for.

The performance of some of these KPI’s will define whether you adhere to our standards. If you score below our set standards then the week will be counted as a strike. After five strikes in a specific period your account will be temporarily closed. Important information to keep track of as you can imagine.

An explanation of this business flow and the specific Indicators can be found here. We have also updated our redoc with the technical documentation and adjusted the website to include the functional flow.

The following KPI’s have been made available with the new endpoint:

Indicator name Explanation numerator and denominator
CANCELLATIONS % of cancelled items initiated by the seller related to the total amount of ordered items.
FULFILMENT % of items delivered on time measured by inquiring customers and track and trace codes.
REVIEWS Average score of a seller to the overall review question: ‘how do you rate this seller?’
TRACK_AND_TRACE % of shipped items with a valid track & trace code compared to all the shipped items we expect to have a valid track & trace code.
RETURNS % of returned items compared to all ordered items
PHONE_AVAILABILITY % of answered telephone call attempts on working days between 9.00 a.m. and 17.00 p.m.
CASE_ITEM_RATIO % of customer cases in relation to the number of ordered items per week.
RESPONSE_TIME % of customer cases which sellers respond to within 8 working hours
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