[Retailer API – all versions] GET list shipment requests has been reduced to a period of three months

On Monday 02-09-2019 we will be releasing some changes to the shipments endpoint of all versions. Currently we have no limits on the GET shipments call and with pagination you can retrieve all shipments whether it became a shipment yesterday or years ago.

We are changing this to a duration of three months which means that we will only return shipments when the shipment falls within the past three months. We are doing this because we do not see the shipments as a place for historic data but only to import your latest shipped orders.

When you have stored the shipment ID in your system then you can retrieve the specifics with the use of the GET single shipment call for a further two years. The period of three months is only in effect for the Shipment lists.

We recently have done the same in the seller accounts and have not run into issues there and are curious if this also works for our automated sellers. As such we are very interested in any feedback so please let us know if this change makes things difficult for you by contacting the Partner Service.

Let us know which processes are disrupted and why you can’t use the other parts of the API for similar information.


Update: 09-09 – We have released this change as of 10:50. As of now for the GET List shipments call of the V3 API we only return shipments that have been created over the past three months. The GET single request still returns older data (up to two years).

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