[Retailer API v3] Addition of ‘OfferId’ and ExpiryDate’ to the GET single order response

Earlier today we released a new version of the Retailer API V3 with which we expose the OfferID and the ExpiryDate for a specific order. The OfferID indicated which specific offer is related to the open order and can be used for mapping purposes. The ExpiryDate indicates on which the orderitemId will be cancelled if it’s still open. Open orders have a natural ExpireDate which is three days after the max delivery promise tied to the order. After the additional three days we automatically cancel the order.

The ExpireyDate will expose the specific day on which we cancel the OrderItemID. Cancellation means there will not be a payment to the retailer and it’s a status that can’t be altered. Make sure you ship the OrderItemId before this third day after max delivery promise.

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