Nieuws: Development Center Retailer API V6: live on October 1st

On October 1st, the new version of the Retailer API will be released. Next to several improvements, the new API adds a Subscription API that sends updates to a webhook, and the ability to retrieve information about Promotions. New features:

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Reminder: Content FTP will be phased out. After 01-04-2022 uploading via Content FTP is no longer possible.

Dear Partners, This messaged is aimed at partner using Content FTPS. If you are not using Content FTPS this message does not apply to you. After 01-04-2022 we stop allowing textual content and images to be delivered via FTPS. Before

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[Resolved] 30-08-2021 – Retailer API – Timeouts for Offer Export requests

Between 10:00 and 10:55 several POST and GET Offer Export requests led to timeouts. Since 10:55 the issue has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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[Resolved] 30-08-2021 – Retailer API – Issue with a small number of FBB orders: sometimes an orderItemId within the orderId may change

Since August 10 there is a problem with a small number of open FBB (Lvb) orders. With some FBB orders, a certain orderItemId within an orderId is incorrectly canceled and this item is later recreated and gets a new orderItemId.

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Image labelling in the Product Content API

From the release of V6 of the Retailer API, you can now manage image labelling for your product content listings. You can add up to two labels to an image, and the labels will determine the images’ position in the

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Retailer API and Offer FTPS – scheduled maintenance offer service on August 31

As previously announced on this page, on Tuesday 31-08 between 06:00 and 07:00, an offer service will be down for maintenance. This downtime will result in longer processing times for PUT/POST offer requests via the API and Offer FTPS feeds. Offers

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26-08-2021 – Retailer API – Short downtime order service at 15:00

Today at 15:00, short downtime is planned for an order service. The downtime will last approximately five minutes. During this downtime: – It is not possible to retrieve FBB order/shipment information. – It is not possible to retrieve new orders.

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On August 30 improved error messages will go live for cancellation requests

On Monday, August 30, improved error messages will go live for rejected cancellation requests. This will go live for all API versions. Previous error message Previously, we returned the following generic error message when a cancellation request was rejected: “Unable

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Coming soon: Verzenden via with Red je Pakketje

In the near future – August/September – a new transporter will be added to Verzenden via This will be Red je Pakketje (RjP). This will have some impact on the Verzenden via implementation, when using the GET delivery

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Planned downtime order & return endpoint on August 18

On Wednesday August 18 between 06:30 and 07:00 there will be downtime on our Retailer API Order and Return endpoints. During this downtime, it is not possible to confirm or cancel orders. Also, it is not possible to retrieve FBB

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