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02-09-2020 – Retailer API – Duplicate offerID for 1 EAN

We have noted that some EANs currently have a duplicate OfferID. This happened when a ‘Create offer’ request via de API was done twice at almost exactly the same time. The IT team is further investigating the issue and the

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[Resolved] 31-08-2020 – Retailer API – Issue with multiple line orders

Between August 25 and August 31 there were some issues with orders where a customer had ordered several different items within one order from one partner. When a single order was requested via the API, we may not always have

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[Resolved] 28-08-2020 – Retailer API – Problems with the GET Inventory endpoint

We are experiencing the following problems with the FBB/LVB ‘Get inventory’ endpoint, due to an internal service change: Currently, the response of the GET Inventory request only gives the inventory of the offers that are now on FBB (with stock

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[Invoices] Decrease in page size on ‘invoice specification’ from 110k to 25k on Oct. 15

As of October 15th, the page size to retrieve your invoice specification will be adjusted from 110.000 lines to 25.000 lines. As a result, you will probably need more requests to retrieve the entire invoice specifications. When implementing pagination, be

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27-8-2020 Occasional timeouts when fetching offers

Due to high numbers of product updates in our landscape the last few days your request might occasionally timeout. The best way to deal with this is to retry the failed requests. We are working on a permanent solution.

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[Resolved] 26-08-2020 – Retailer API – ‘Unknown error’ response for rejected shipments

Currently, for several shipment requests that are rejected, we return the error message “Unknown error” instead of a proper error message like: “The item is already shipped or cancelled”. We are working hard to resolve this issue. Update 27-08, 10:45

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[Resolved] 25-08-2020 Issue amount of items in inventory endpoint

Unfortunately, the response of the inventory endpoint is not always 50 items at each page. If you can, you can ask for a new page till the response is empty. We work hard to resolve the issue. Update 13:40 The

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[ Resolved] 24-08-2020 GET Inventory leads to errorcode 500

Unfortunately,  the GET Inventory endpoint currently leads to an error code 500. We work hard to resolve the issue.  

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[20-08-20] Beta program Verzenden via started

Currently we are finalizing the last activities for our Verzenden via proposition. Are you using our API and are you interested in being the first to test our new features? In that case, take a look at our beta

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[Resolved] 19-08-2020 Issue with purchasable shipping labels DPD

There is an issue that some orders can not be confirmed with the purchasable shipping labels from DPD with the API. We are working with DPD to fix this issue as soon as possible. For now you can confirm

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