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[Action required] Announcement of functional changes to the notPublishableReasons for the Retailer API v3 and v4.

In the future we will start exposing multiple reasons instead of the current situation where we only share one. Action requested Please ensure that your application is able to handle multiple notPublishableReasons in the getSingleOffer endpoint and the Unpublished Offers

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[Resolved] 09-02-2021| Retailer API – Offer updates outage

Since 02:30 this morning, offer updates seems to be failing most of the times. We are working hard on finding the solution. In the meantime, be sure to use the process-status endpoint and check the corresponding process-status. Keep following this

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[Resolved] 08-02-2021 | Retailer API – Shipments and Returns outage

Since 15:30, we are experiencing problems with the Shipments and Returns endpoints. There could be problems with the following endpoints: Get Shipments and Get Returns Handle Returns To be sure your requests were successfully processed, make sure to use the

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[resolved] 03-02-2021 – Retail Price endpoint error

Since 13:25 we are having issues with the retail price endpoint on the API. It’s not possible to retrieve the allowable retail price via the API (GET /retailer/pricing/retail-prices/{ean}). We apologize for the inconvenience. Update 14:20 – Issues seem to be solved.

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[Resolved] 28-01-2021 API Outage (offer, return, order & shipment)

Currently, we are experiencing some outages regarding get offer, get exports, get return and get order. Update 11:15 – Services are recovering slowly Update 11:20 – Impact for retailers should be back to normal. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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[Resolved] 14-01-2021 – Retailer API – 504 errors for Allowable retail price endpoint

14-01, 14:40 Currently, the Allowable retail price endpoint is down. We are working hard to resolve the issue. We will post an update at 15:30. 14-01, 15:30 Unfortunately, the issue has not been solved yet. 14-01, 15:40 Final update: the

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12-01-2021 Using JWT tokens in the OpenAPI

It is now possible to use the Retailer API token for the OpenAPI . This means you do not need to provide an API key as a query parameter. An example call using the JWT token would be: `curl –request

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08-01-2020 – 7 improvements in the new version of the Retailer API

Do you want to work more efficiently? Automation via the Retailer API will help you to manage your sales processes from a single API. From April 1 this will become even better with the release of V5 of the

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07-01-2021 – Retailer API – Planned downtime return services on January 12

Planned downtime of return services will take place on January 12 between 07:00 and 07:30. During this downtime, it is not possible to retrieve unhandled/handled returns and to create or handle a return. In case a request failed during downtime,

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From 01-01-2021 no longer possible to purchase DPD shipping labels via the API v3, still possible via the v4

As we announced by email in October and December, as of 1 January 2021, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to purchase a DPD shipping label via the API v3. As indicated in the mailings, the following four alternatives

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