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23-10-2020 Last night some timeouts on offer updates

Last night between 04:30 and 05:30 some PUT offer updates lead to timeouts. Check the prosess status of the calls that you did.

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13/10/2020 – Retailer API – FBB inventory endpoint showing wrong info

Since 13/10/2020 the FBB inventory endpoint sometimes shows the wrong stock information. Please make sure to double check this endpoint. If you are having doubts about the correct stock information, please contact the partner service, they can check the correct

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[Resolved] Delayed processing of offer changes

Due to problems with our backend services we haven’t been processing any updates on offers as of 10:10 this morning. This includes changing the price, delivery promise and/or stock of your products but also adding or removing the offers altogether.

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[Resolved] 08-10-2020 Orders can be available after cut-off or incomplete.

Since 09:00 there is some delay in our order-service. So you as partner can received orders after your cut-off point. For example the costumer placed the order at 11:00 your delivery code is 24-12h and the order will be available

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REMINDER: Upcoming October 15th the invoice specification will be adjusted from 110k to 25k lines

Upcoming October 15th, the invoice specification endpoint will return 25k lines instead of the former 110k lines, in order to prepare for the season. The change will apply to both version 3 and version 4 and should not impact your

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[Resolved] Retailer API – Token retrieval temporarily not available (21:05-21:30)

Tonight, between 21:05 and 21:30 it was not possible to create new tokens for the Retailer API. These tokens are needed to access the API and thus for a period of almost half an hour access was limited and a

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01/10/2020 – Retailer API v4 now available!

It’s here! The Retailer API V4 Today, 1 October, the latest version of the Retailer API is available! In this fourth edition we not only add new functionality and made improvements, we’ve also made sure that connecting and migration

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[ Resolved] 01/10/2020 – Content API – Multiple 5xx errors

Since yesterday 30/09/2020, we are experiencing multiple 504 and other 5xx errors regarding the process status of the content API uploads. Currently, its not possible to receive the results of the content uploads. Once the issue has been solved, updates

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[Resolved] 30-09-2020 – Retailer API – ‘Unknown error’ for shipment requests

Lately, for some shipment requests, the process status is FAILURE: Unknown error. When a shipment request is redone at a later time, the request will be processed properly in most cases. If this is not the case, the only option

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[Resolved] 30/09/2020 – Offer/Orders/Shipments errors

Since 09:00 we are experiencing multiple (504) errors on the following endpoints: offers, orders and shipments. Besides this, many timeouts can occur. Make sure to check the process status of these calls to make sure they are processed successfully. If

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