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[07-08-19 – 04:00 – 07:00] Downtime for the API and FTPS because of maintenance

Wednesday morning we will be upgrading some of our databases which will result in downtime for the API, the seller dashboard and the webshop. Between 04:00 and 07:00 the upgrade will be ongoing and we expect that requests during this

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[Retailer API – V3] Increased processing time on several endpoints

Over the past few days there’s been a increase in the processing time of the Retailer API – v3. Endpoints that are affected include offer and shipment requests. The creating and partial updating of offers (stock, price and delivery promise)

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Additional element added to Offer-export

For the offer export endpoint in the V3 version of the API we received several requests for adding an extra element “referenceCode”. This is the same referenceCode you use when creating an offer. We have added this additional element to

Geplaatst in Plaza API will stop supporting security protocols: TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 will stop supporting these outdated security protocols: TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used when a connection is set up between the computer/phone or server of a customer or partner and a server. In

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Multi-item returns activated

Starting today, offers customers the option to return multiple items in one shipment, using multi-item returns. This functionality is described on There is no impact on the API v2 and v3 return endpoints, which you can still use

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[EOR & Retailer V3] Partial downtime due to maintenance between 06:30 and 06:45 (09-05-2019)

Because of routine maintenance there will be downtime for the service that handles order and shipments requests. The downtime is expected to be short but please keep an eye on the process status of requests placed between 06:30 and 06:45.

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[resolved] Service slowdown on offer processing

Currently we are experiencing a slowdown with the Offer processing. All services are up and running and processing your requests, however our response is slower than usual. Problems you might experience: Offer export file takes longer to process or is

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[Resolved] Service interruption 20-02-2019

Unfortunately we have been having severe issues with parts of our landscape which also has also impacted the API connections. Our service was not completely down but we did see a large increase in time-outs and general errors. The issue

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[Solved] Error might occur when requesting older returns.

We’ve received reports from some partners that they receive the following error when requesting a list of returns:Service busy or unavailable due to heavy load. Please try again later. This error keeps occurring despite of the time at which you

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[Solved]Order API V2.0 – SalutionCode defaults to 03 (unknown) for all open orders

Unfortunately we have been notified that the GET open orders call for the v2.0 of the Order API defaults the field ‘SalutionCode’ to 03, (03: Unknown, e.g. Heer/Mevrouw) instead of the usual 01 (Male, e.g. Heer) or 02 (Female, e.g.

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