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[Resolved] Increased amount of failed Shipment requests due to a service issue on our end

Unfortunately we have noticed a increase in the amount of failed ‘PUT shipment’ requests which means that the items you want to ship remain open on our end. The issue occurs when you try to ship multiple OrderItems from the

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[TLS upgrade – 01-10-2019] Retailer API – All versions

Tomorrow morning we will be altering settings for our TLS-protocol. There is no action required on your part but please inform us immediately if you notice any negative effects on your feed. The expectation is that there will not be

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[Retailer API – V3] (Resolved) GET single offer returns a 404 Not found

Because of the issues of yesterday we are still faced with a service interruption in our offer landscape. Specifically the GET single offer call doesn’t function and in most cases will return a status 504 – gate-way time-out. This means

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[Retailer API – All versions] (Resolved) Service interruption – Order and Offer flow is heavily impacted

Because of a problem with our offer database we currently are having issues with providing all the relevant information for open orders. This can be noticeable by missing offer information (such as offer reference and condition) but also by the

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[Retailer API] 25-09-2019 / 03:00 – 06:00 Downtime due to maintenance for all versions and endpoints

On the 25th of September we will be having another session of maintenance to our DB’s which will mean that we will be having downtime between 03:00 and 06:00. As you may have noticed we are working hard to prepare

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[Retailer API V1,V2,V3] – API was down between 20:00 and 21:00 (11-09-2019)

Yesterday evening we unfortunately had a issue with underlying services which caused the authentication flow of all the retailer API versions to fail. The result is that every request done between 20:00 and 21:00 potentially failed with the following error

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[Retailer API -V2/V3] LvB inbounds will factor in the recently implemented stock ceiling

Recently our LvB (FBB) warehouse implemented a maximum stock value for partners that are working with LvB. This means that each account has to stay below a maximum value and extra stock will not be accepted and/or shipped back to

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[Retailer API – all versions] Reminder – Downtime due to maintenance 03-09-2019 – 06-09-2019

As communicated earlier; over the next three days we will be conducting a migration for some of our databases which will cause a long downtime during our maintenance window. The maintenance is planned the coming days during the following time

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[Retailer API (all versions)] No new orders will be communicated between 14:00-14:30

This afternoon we will be performing a stress test which will mean that we will not be communicating any new orders between 14:00 and 14:30. Our internal order flow will be halted for the duration of the test and restarted

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[Retailer API] Maintenance planned for Tuesday 03-09 through Thursday 05-09

Over the course of three days we will be migrating some of our databases which will result in downtime for the Retailer API (as well as our webshop and the seller dashboard). The Retailer API (all versions) will be placed

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