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Many sellers and intermediairies have requested that we send e-mail updates whenever major changes to our API or FTPS connections are scheduled or released. Of course we always post these on this site and twitter, but as requested we will

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EOR 1.0 Decommission

As of yesterday afternoon the Order API Version 1 has been decommissioned. This means the API is no longer available, and you will receive a 410 GONE error when trying to connect to those endpoints. Please check the Order API

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Last chance to upgrade to Order API V2

February is the last month in which the Order API v1 will be supported. March 1st the Order API v1 will be offline and Order API v2 will be the only available option. Over the last few months we have seen

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Order API v1-v2 grace period started

As announced last year the Order API version 1 will be decommissioned at the start of 2017. Many developers and sellers have successfully upgraded their API connection in November and December. Some have contacted us and told us their upgrade

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Unknown values in Orders in API

Several sellers have reported issues when requesting orders through the Order API. The issue is as follows: Within an Orderitem some values are shown as unknown, below we have copied an example of the part of the response that might

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Payments API will be replaced by Invoice endpoints in 2017

At this moment we are working on Invoice endpoints, this API will completely replace the Payments API. With the Invoice API we will be introducing 3 new endpoints Invoice list Invoice Details Invoice Specifications By introducing these new endpoints we

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All Order API endpoint documentation now in English

We’ve noticed more requests coming in from non-dutch speaking programmers, either working in the Netherlands or abroad. This has resulted in us translating our Order API Endpoint information in order to accommodate this. Other pages on this site will be

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Levering via nu ook in shipments endpoint

Sinds vandaag is er een extra parameter beschikbaar voor de Shipments endpoint. Door het toevoegen van deze parameter is het nu mogelijk om ook shipments die via Levering via (LVB) zijn afgehandeld in je overzicht terug te zien komen.

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Wijziging in Retourenbehandeling via API

Retouren zijn via de API direct beschikbaar nadat een consument ze heeft aangemeld. De retour echter kan pas in de behandeling worden genomen vanaf 08:00 de dag na melding. Dit om te voorkomen dat een retour per abuis te vroeg

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[Solved] Storing bij OrderItems met Quantity hoger dan 1

UPDATE: Het probleem is verholpen. De totaalprijs wordt weer als vanouds gecommuniceerd in plaats van de stuksprijs. DIt probleem heeft gespeeld tussen 02-11-2016 09:10 tot 03-11-2016 11:03   Op dit moment is er een storing in de Order API, zowel

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