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Order and Shipment endpoints receive optional 2.1 update

Because of the introduction of letters into the OrderID and OrderitemIDs we have introduced new version of all endpoints that use these ID’s. These letters are at this time only possible when handling shipments in the new fulfilmentcenter, which means

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IMPORTANT FBB API update announcement

An important update will be made to the FBB API. Currently we only use 1 fulfilmentcenter for FBB Sellers to ship to, and for us to ship from. In the near future this will be expanded to a second fulfilmentcenter.

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Preview of upcoming API Releases

In the coming weeks we plan to release a few new endpoints and upgrades. GET orders 2.1 & GET shipments 2.1 A minor upgrade for both the GET requests for Open Orders and Shipments. This introduces a few new elements

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Invoice API released!

Today we’ve released two new API endpoints: Get Invoice List Get Single Invoice These two endpoints will provide you with a complete view of all payments by to you as a seller and all payments of you as a

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Scheduled downtime Returns endpoint today at 17:00

This afternoon at 17:00 a new release is scheduled which might cause downtime for the Returns endpoint. We will try to minimize the amount of downtime, but in worst case it could last 10 minutes. This only affects the Returns endpoint

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Scheduled downtime Order API on wednesday morning 03-05-2017 * update

On Wednesday morning May 3rd we will release an update for the order api. This update will contain some fixes and parts of new FBB endpoints. This release will be scheduled in the morning and might cause the Order API

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Sign up for technical updates

Many sellers and intermediairies have requested that we send e-mail updates whenever major changes to our API or FTPS connections are scheduled or released. Of course we always post these on this site and twitter, but as requested we will

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EOR 1.0 Decommission

As of yesterday afternoon the Order API Version 1 has been decommissioned. This means the API is no longer available, and you will receive a 410 GONE error when trying to connect to those endpoints. Please check the Order API

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Last chance to upgrade to Order API V2

February is the last month in which the Order API v1 will be supported. March 1st the Order API v1 will be offline and Order API v2 will be the only available option. Over the last few months we have seen

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Order API v1-v2 grace period started

As announced last year the Order API version 1 will be decommissioned at the start of 2017. Many developers and sellers have successfully upgraded their API connection in November and December. Some have contacted us and told us their upgrade

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