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DateTime API consistency fix for v3 API deployed at 14:00 today

As announced on December 9th, today we will deploy a change that will fix the consistency of the DateTime format for the entire V3 API. Please refer to the post: 09-12-2019 Different DateTime formats used in API v3 – Will

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24-12-2019 – Retailer API – Endpoint ‘Get an invoice specification by invoice id’

In order to make the endpoint ‘Get an invoice specification by invoice id’ faster, the length of the response per page is shortened. Please note, this endpoint uses pagination, always check if you have all the data.

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[Retailer API v2] Delay in the processing of the Offer Export.

At the moment the processing time of offer exports on the V2 is delayed by a hour. This means that for the retrieval of a offer export a status code ‘412 Precondition Failed’ will be returned for far longer than normally

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09-12-2019 Different DateTime formats used in API v3 – Will be changed on 13 Jan 2020

We were notified that different fields within the entire Retailer API v3 are sometimes showing milliseconds, while other fields aren’t. This is not consistent throughout the API. For that reason, we have removed the milliseconds from the response. Example current

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06-12-2019 New handling result added to returns endpoint

As of 6 December 2019 a new handling result (FAILED_TO_CREATE_SHIPPING_LABEL) will be added to the returns domain and can be returned from the return endpoints on the API as of then. This new handling result indicates that the transporter failed

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Peak season advice: what to do when timeouts/errors are given when requesting open orders via the API?

Over the past week we have noticed that the amount of timeouts and errors related to the GET open orders calls have increased. The reason for this is an increased load due to the peak season. We are making improvements

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25-11-2019 – Retailer API – 500/504 errors when retrieving open orders

Due to a delay in an order service, there is an increase in 500 errors (API V2) and 504 errors (API V3) when retrieving the open orders. It might help to retry retrieving the open orders at a later time.

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20-11-2019 – Retailer API – increased amount of failed shipment requests due to a service issue on our end

This afternoon (between 13.45 and 14.10) there was an issue in an order service which caused failed shipment requests. The problem has been resolved now. Please use our GET process status option to make sure your processes are successfully handled

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[Retailer API] High error rate for the retrieval of Orders and Shipments

Unfortunately we have noticed that since 08:00 this morning there is a increasing amount of errors with the GET shipment(s) and GET order(s) calls for the Retailer API v3.   We are aware of this performance issue and are actively

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13-11-2019 – Retailer API – due to an offer service issue some offer updates on 13-11 may not have been processed correctly

This morning, an issue in the retailer API delayed processing of offer updates. The problem has since been resolved and we are actively re-processing the requests that were affected by this issue. Please monitor the outcomes of your offer update

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