09-12-2019 Different DateTime formats used in API v3 – Will be changed on 13 Jan 2020

We were notified that different fields within the entire Retailer API v3 are sometimes showing milliseconds, while other fields aren’t. This is not consistent throughout the API. For that reason, we have removed the milliseconds from the response.

Example current response:
"registrationDateTime": "2016-11-14T11:06:48.423+01:00"

Example new response as of January 13:
"registrationDateTime": "2016-11-14T11:06:48+01:00"

This concerns the following fields:

Endpoint Field
/inbounds & inbounds/ {inbound-id} creationDate; timeSlot.start; timeSlot.end
/inbounds stateTransitions.stateDate
/inbounds/delivery-windows timeSlots.start; timeSlots.end
/orders & /orders/ {order-id} dateTimeOrderPlaced
/process-status createTimestamp
/returns & /returns/ {rma-id} registrationDateTime; processingDateTime
/shipments & /shipments/ {shipment-id} shipmentDate; orderDate; latestDeliveryDate


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