[19-03-2020] Retailer API v3 – Commission endpoints: price now functionally required

As of March 1st, a new commission model has been launched (see our post on the Partnerplatform). Please be advised that the price is functionally required in case you want to obtain the new commission fee for a particular product. In case you do not provide a price in the commission endpoints, there is no price available on which the commission fee can be calculated. In that case, a fallback is used that assumes the price is greater than 20 euro. This will result in a commission that is incorrect if your selling price is below € 20. It will show a commission with a fixed amount that is too high. It will show for instance a commission of 15% + €1,- (incl. VAT) while the fixed amount for a selling price below € 10,- is € 0.24 (not € 1,-) and € 0.48 when the selling price is between € 10,- and € 20,-.

This logic applies to the endpoints ‘Get all commissions and reductions by EAN in bulk’ (POST) and ‘Get all commissions and reductions by EAN per single EAN’ (GET).

If you are migrating from an older version of the API to the API v3 and you are interested in the new commission, please make sure that it is implemented in such a way that the price is always provided. If the API v3 is already built, possibly an adjustment has to be made that from now on a price always needs to be provided when retrieving the commission.

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