[Action required] Announcement of functional changes to the notPublishableReasons for the Retailer API v3 and v4.

In the future we will start exposing multiple reasons instead of the current situation where we only share one.

Action requested

Please ensure that your application is able to handle multiple notPublishableReasons in the getSingleOffer endpoint.

Functional background

An offer can have multiple reasons why it is not published in the webshop. In the past we were limited by technical limitations and were only able to expose one reason via our feedback flow. Even if we were blocking your offer for multiple reasons you could only get them by resolving them one by one.

We want to work towards a situation where you can retrieve everything that’s blocking your offer in one request. Over the course of the upcoming month we will be finalizing work to start a migration towards this ideal situation.

This specifically means from the beginning of march you can expect multiple entries in the notPublishableReasons. This has been part of the technical documentation of both the v3 and v4 but functionally has not been the case.

As such we advise to ensure your code is able to handle an array for the notPublishableReasons.

Technical background

V3 and V4

Retrieve an offer by its offer id ( GET /retailer/offers/{offer-id}

In this endpoint we expose the notPublishableReasons for a specific offer. Currently this is done in the following way:

“notPublishableReasons”: [
“code”: “4000”,
“description”: “Price too high”


Once we enable our changes it will be possible that you will receive two or more notPublishableReasons in the response:


“notPublishableReasons”: [


“code”: “4000”,

“description”: “Price too high”



“code”: “3000”,

“description”: “The seller is not approved.”




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