[Resolved] Increased amount of failed Shipment requests due to a service issue on our end

Unfortunately we have noticed a increase in the amount of failed ‘PUT shipment’ requests which means that the items you want to ship remain open on our end. The issue occurs when you try to ship multiple OrderItems from the same OrderID in close succession. Only the first will be correctly processed on our end and others will result in a failed process status.


Please use our GET process status option to make sure your processes are successfully handled on our end. Failures mean there is a new action required from your system. A re-try will solve the issue.


We are working on a fix on our end which we expect to go live at any moment. Any failed messages in the past week will not be resolved however so please check your failed messages.


Update: 10-10-2019 12:00 – this issue has been resolved on our end and the cause for the increase in failed requests has been fixed.

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