Order API v1-v2 grace period started

As announced last year the Order API version 1 will be decommissioned at the start of 2017. Many developers and sellers have successfully upgraded their API connection in November and December. Some have contacted us and told us their upgrade will be released in January because of a release-stop during the holiday season

Starting this week we have begun phasing out the Order API v1 and expect to have the last servers decommissioned by the end of February. The sellers still working on their upgrade can use this grace period until the end of February for their final testing and release. From March onward only the version 2 will be available.


Please contact us if you are not yet upgraded to version 2 and need assistance.

If you do not wish to develop the upgrade yourself you might want to contact an intermediary to do this for you. We have listed several on our Zakelijk Verkopen pages.

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