Peak season advice: what to do when timeouts/errors are given when requesting open orders via the API?

Over the past week we have noticed that the amount of timeouts and errors related to the GET open orders calls have increased. The reason for this is an increased load due to the peak season. We are making improvements in our back-end services to increase performance but would also like to offer a few suggestions that might reduce the chance of receiving a timeout.

We have noticed a very consistent pattern where retailers retrieve their orders during several specific moments. The biggest load is at the start of every hour (08:00, 09:00 etc.) but also every five minutes (08:05, 08:10 etc.). Retrieving orders in between those moments decreases the likelihood of timeouts.

If a timeout does occur we advise you not to re-try the request immediately, as the chance is high that the response will be the same. A re-try after a few seconds has a high chance of succeeding and means our systems won’t have to endure unnecessary requests.

During the peak season we will strive for the highest performance possible and have seen big improvements since yesterday. We share the above advice to give you all the options to prevent even a small amount of timeouts/errors.

Geplaatst in Plaza API