Preview of upcoming API Releases

In the coming weeks we plan to release a few new endpoints and upgrades.

GET orders 2.1 & GET shipments 2.1

A minor upgrade for both the GET requests for Open Orders and Shipments. This introduces a few new elements and filter options for these endpoints. Both upgrades are optional but do provide some much requested functionality.

All FBB inbound endpoints

A few brand new endpoints especially for Fulfilment by (FBB). These allow you to create a inbound shipment of goods that you will be sending our way to add to your offers in our Fulfilmentcenter.

GET Invoice specification & GET invoice list (order-id parameter)

The third and last endpoint for the Invoices API. This last endpoint provides the greatest level of detail for your invoice specifications. We’ve also added the option to list invoice data for a supplied OrderID.


All these endpoints are expected to become available in the next few weeks.

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