Product Content is LIVE in the Retailer API!

A big thanks to all the people and Integration partners who helped on this project!
Either by providing us input in advance or helping us during beta-testing!

What does this mean?

  • All partners can now post content via the Retailer API
  • All partners can now get feedback on content they have uploaded via the Retailer API

The Content API is part of the V4 version of the Retailer API. You can access V4 functionality by adjusting your -headers to use the V4. (application/vnd.retailer.v4+json)
You will find functional documentation on how to implement the Content API at: Product Content API
The API Reference can be found at:

What comes next

  • In addition to our regular API monitoring we will add additional monitoring to the Content API during the first few months and analyze use and performance.
  • After this project we will add more functionalities for partners, like: data model, families, images files uploads, video’s, auto chunking, etc.
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