[Retailer API – All versions] (Resolved) Service interruption – Order and Offer flow is heavily impacted

Because of a problem with our offer database we currently are having issues with providing all the relevant information for open orders. This can be noticeable by missing offer information (such as offer reference and condition) but also by the entire GET order request failing because we can’t provide the price or EAN in time.

We are working hard at resolving the issue. Our apologies for the inconvenience


Update 13:00 – Unfortunately we are still faced with issues related to the order and offer flow. The impact that we currently know of;

  • The retrieval of orders is faced with time-outs on all versions. If the requests are successful then it’s possible that the reference is missing in the response. Retrying is an option.
  • The retrieval of offers in V3 can result in a time-out. This means that the retrieval of Offer ID’s for newly created offers in impacted. Retrying is an option, another work-around is not available.
  • The Offer export on V3 is returning outdated data. This means that newly added offers might show up there and recently deleted offers might still be shown.
  • Changes to offers currently are heavily delayed. The processing time can go up to three hours.

Update 14:50 – The issues have not been resolved up to this moment. There is also impact on the processing time of updates. Please advise any of your partners that we are not punishing them for any orders that are delayed because of this issue. More information can be found on our partnerplatform.

Update – 26-09-2019

The issues above have been resolved. As of now the reference should be retrievable again and the GET order calls should be performing as expected. We are still looking into some final offer-related issues. For business decisions (our performance policy for example) you can look at our partner platform post.

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