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Customer language attribute on get order and get shipment

A new attribute language has been added to the get order and get shipment endpoints. This language attribute of the customer can be used in case of contact. You can find the demo scenario for get single order here. You can

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Sign up for technical updates

Many sellers and intermediairies have requested that we send e-mail updates whenever major changes to our API or FTPS connections are scheduled or released. Of course we always post these on this site and twitter, but as requested we will

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24-06-2014 Open API V4 stable

Versie 4 van de Open API is als stable versie live. Dat betekent dat we je adviseren deze versie ook te gaan gebruiken. Mocht je dus V3 van de Open API gebruiken, dan is het raadzaam om over te gaan

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15-10-2013 Open API V4 beta

We’ve renamed a lot of nodenames (most of them from singular to plural). We’ve done this, so the names make more sense in the JSON respons: Product -> Products AttributeGroup -> AttributeGroups EntityGroup -> EntityGroups Url -> Urls Image ->

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18-09-2013 Open API V4 beta

We’ve renamed most of the global responsenames in the xml version. The new names are listed below: LoginResponse -> Login RequestAuthTokenResponse -> RequestAuthToken SessionResponse -> Session ProductResponse -> Product SellerListResponse -> SellerList PongResponse -> Pong ListResultsResponse -> ListResults SearchResultsResponse ->

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22-08-2013 Open API V4 beta

Get ready for a new and easier version of our API. We’ve launched V4 as a beta. This means you can start using this version, but we might still make some adjustments. Check out all the details on V4 beta.

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19-03-2013 Open API V3

We’re happy to announce that you can now use the GET recommendations call. Just use a productid as input and receive up to 20 recommendations for that product (depending on the product). These recommendations are based on customers on our

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19-02-2013 Open API V3

We’ve added three new categories: Dier, Tuin and Klussen. Check the categorytree for categoryid’s.

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09-01-2013 afrekenen

When a customer is logged in you can now use a new annonymous basket deeplink that will logout the user and force a new basket and login action.

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06-12-2012 Open API V3

Tracklists are now available for music products. Tracklists -> Tracklist -> discnumber/track

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