15-10-2013 Open API V4 beta

We’ve renamed a lot of nodenames (most of them from singular to plural). We’ve done this, so the names make more sense in the JSON respons:

  • Product -> Products
  • AttributeGroup -> AttributeGroups
  • EntityGroup -> EntityGroups
  • Url -> Urls
  • Image -> Images
  • Offers -> OfferData
  • Offer -> Offers (within OfferData)
  • Attribute -> Attributes
  • Entity -> Entities
  • Category -> Categories
  • RefinementGroup -> RefinementGroups
  • Refinement -> Refinements
  • BasketItem -> BasketItems
  • PricingAdjustment -> PricingAdjustments
  • WishListItem -> WishListItems

TrackLists are back!

We’ve added TrackLists to the products output (if applicable)

Multiselectable refinements

Refinements now include “multiSelect” which can be used to show a checkbox/multi-select option in your applications. With multiselect you can combine multiple refinements in one requests from within that refinementgroup.

Find related products

New call: related products. With this new API call you’ll be able to request any applicable accessories and see if there are more members of the same productfamily. So when you have the black iPhone 16GB, you can see there is also a white iPhone 16GB or a black iPhone 32GB.

Sample call:


Bol.com afrekenen V2

It’s possible to choose giftwrap in the checkout (only if applicable for the content of a basket).

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