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16-10-2012 Open API V3

We’ve added full blown attributes and a short summary for every product. The attributes are optional and can be requested by using the parameter “includeAttributes=true”. You’ll find the data in the Attributes nodes. The attributes are key value pairs with

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16-10-2012 afrekenen

The problems with Internet Explorer not accepting cookies in an iFrame with afrekenen should be in the past now. It’s now possible to use the regular clickout urls of the partnerprogram together with afrekenen. By using this

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02-05-2012 Open API V3

The section name has been removed from the url of a product. From now on producturls to the global website wil look like: The old urls will be supported for a limited time period. The internal caching of

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29-03-2012 afrekenen afrekenen now displays a notification bar with a security message on top of each page afrekenen now supports checkout of baby products

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09-03-2012 Open API V3

Fixed rating element to be a two-digit number with a max of 50, which equals 5 stars out of 5 Corrected some documentation errors in the manual

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04-01-2012 Open API V3

The version number of the new version will remain V3. Signing has changed! Queryparameters need to be signed as well. Please use the provided codesamples. Productlist and Categorylist replaced by Listresults: The calls Productlist and Categorylist are replaced by the single

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08-12-2011 Open API V3

Forumtopic for this release. The version number of the new version will remain V3. During the beta phase of the API this number will not change. Additional attributes in Product: The product definition is expanded with the following attributes: PageCount:

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