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[Resolved] 14-01-2021 – Retailer API – 504 errors for Allowable retail price endpoint

14-01, 14:40 Currently, the Allowable retail price endpoint is down. We are working hard to resolve the issue. We will post an update at 15:30. 14-01, 15:30 Unfortunately, the issue has not been solved yet. 14-01, 15:40 Final update: the

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08-01-2020 – 7 improvements in the new version of the Retailer API

Do you want to work more efficiently? Automation via the Retailer API will help you to manage your sales processes from a single API. From April 1 this will become even better with the release of V5 of the

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07-01-2021 – Retailer API – Planned downtime return services on January 12

Planned downtime of return services will take place on January 12 between 07:00 and 07:30. During this downtime, it is not possible to retrieve unhandled/handled returns and to create or handle a return. In case a request failed during downtime,

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From 01-01-2021 no longer possible to purchase DPD shipping labels via the API v3, still possible via the v4

As we announced by email in October and December, as of 1 January 2021, it will unfortunately no longer be possible to purchase a DPD shipping label via the API v3. As indicated in the mailings, the following four alternatives

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[Resolved] 02-12-2020 Order endpoint lead to Time outs

Since 15:20 all calls for the order endpoint will lead to a time out. Therefore you are not able to do a GET call on open orders or confirm order Shipments. We will update this message, we think it is

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[Resolved] 01-12-2020 – Retailer API – General outage

01-12, 12:30 We are experiencing a general outage at This outage may affect the API. We are currently looking into the details. The next update will be posted at 13:00. Update 01-12, 13:00 The outage has been resolved. Between

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Customer language attribute on get order and get shipment

A new attribute language has been added to the get order and get shipment endpoints. This language attribute of the customer can be used in case of contact. You can find the demo scenario for get single order here. You can

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[Resolved] 12-11-2020 – GET Orders lead to Timeout

Between 15:15 and 15:45 the GET orders call will lead to a timeout. Our apologies for the inconvenience, we will update this page.

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06-11-2020 – Stability Retailer API & the new API v4

Stability In the past period, unfortunately, there has been an above-average number of outages with an impact on the Retailer API processes. We are very sorry for this and it is our priority to increase reliability and prevent failures. API

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[Resolved] 27-10-2020 – Retailer API v3 – multiple 500 errors for GET Order requests

Between 16.00 and 16.45 we returned multiple 500 errors for GET Order requests via the API v3. Since 16.45 the issue has been resolved.

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