[Resolved] 02-09-2020 – Retailer API – Duplicate offerID for 1 EAN

We have noted that some EANs currently have a duplicate OfferID. This happened when a ‘Create offer’ request via de API was done twice at almost exactly the same time.

The IT team is further investigating the issue and the issue will be solved on our side. In the meantime, the problem of the duplicate offerID’s can be solved by requesting an offer export, checking for duplicate offerIDs for 1 EAN and removing one of the two offerIDs via the API. We apologize for the inconvenience. This page will be updated once the issue is resolved.

Update 24-09
The problem with the duplicate offerID’s has been structurally resolved. A double OfferID can no longer be (incorrectly) created for 1 EAN.

In addition, we removed all duplicate valid offers. Unfortunately, in only a few cases it is possible that there are still duplicate offerIDs for 1 EAN where one offer is valid and the other is invalid. Unfortunately, we cannot deduplicate these. In that case, we recommend that you request an offer export, check in the offer export whether there is still a double OfferID for 1 EAN, and remove one of the two OfferID’s. 

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