[Resolved] 28-08-2020 – Retailer API – Problems with the GET Inventory endpoint

We are experiencing the following problems with the FBB/LVB ‘Get inventory’ endpoint, due to an internal service change:

  • Currently, the response of the GET Inventory request only gives the inventory of the offers that are now on FBB (with stock and without stock) and the active FBR offers that actually have FBB stock.
    Previously, the response consisted of all offers that have ever been on FBB, so also the deleted/inactive offers. Therefore, the current response may differ from the past response.
  • We currently do not take open orders into account for the FBB stock. The given stock is therefore not always the actual available FBB stock.

We are working hard to return the same information in the response as before. This page will be updated as soon as the issues are resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 31-08
The two issues have been resolved. The Get Inventory endpoint now gives the same response as before (before 24-08).

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