[Resolved] 29-06-2021 | A part of the images sent via Content API / Content FTP not processed since 23-06, will most likely be restored at 02-07.

Since 23-06 we encountered problems with downloading assets from external sources.

This means: if you (or your integrator) hosts images yourself, and you sent us the URL’s via API or FTP, than there is a chance that we did not process them correctly.

This results in products missing (all) images. We expect to solve the problems today (29-06) and to restore all images sent to us since 23-06.

Restoring the images most likely will take us 3 working days (expected to be finished Fr. 02-07).

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: 2/7/2021 09:00: issue solved.


Geplaatst in Retailer API