As of July 2021, the invoice endpoint can return 2 invoices instead of 1

Starting from July 2021 (last week), every partner that uses advertising, will get 2 invoices a month. One from retail and one from the advertising department (BRMG). This means that you, if you are using services from BRGM, will possibly have 24 invoices max a year instead of 12.

You can recognize the different invoices by the values “invoiceType”: “ALL_IN_ONE” and “invoiceType”: “BOL_RETAIL_MEDIA_GROUP” . The “ALL_IN_ONE” invoice stayed the same and was also available before this. The “BOL_RETAIL_MEDIA_GROUP” is the newly added info which belongs to the BRMG services.

So, if you are using BRMG services, please be aware that you now receive 2 invoices via the API as of July 2021.

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