New Retailer API BETA Program

To improve your experience with the Retailer API, we are launching the renewed Retailer API program. This new program, which we designed based on your feedback, will include a release schedule as well as announcements of future betas so you and your developers can anticipate betas that are interesting to you.

This new program will go live on June 1 st 2021 and all future Retailer API betas will be part of this program.

Release schedule

Beta block start end content announcement

Beta block

Start date

End date

Announcement date

A 1 March 1 June First week February
B 1 June 1 September First week May
C 1 September 1 December First week August
D 1 December 1 March First week November

Announcements will be sent out a month before the start of a new beta release. However, you can also sign up for the pre-announcement overview, which we will send out approximately 3 months before the start of the next beta block.

This pre-announcement will give you an overview of the betas we expect to release in the coming months but can still be subject to change in release date or scope. By signing up to the pre-announcements, you can plan to register for the limited spots on interesting betas.

You can sign up via email here.

Functional vs Project betas

Going forth, we will differentiate between functional betas and project betas. Functional betas are used to review the behavior of existing functionality in the API. For example, this could include:

  • Traffic consumption
  • Quality of data returned
  • Enhancing product placements

We’re looking for feedback on the functional and technical use. Usually, betas in this category will be part of the next Retailer API release, and you’ll be able to build the connection ahead of time!

Project betas are API endpoints that are still subject to possible change, and we’re using these betas to gather feedback based on the way the API is designed. These betas are more experimental, and endpoints could still change based on feedback given by partners.

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