Promotions API Beta

The Retailer API will be releasing a new Promotions API in BETA, from 1 June 2021. This will provide our partners with the ability to track upcoming promotions through the API, so that they can evaluate whether they should adjust their product pricing to participate in the promotion. Promotions highlight your products in our search results and campaigns, giving them greater visibility to customers.

The API will consist of two primary endpoints which allow you to track upcoming promotions, and to view the details of a specific promotion. You can see the start and end dates, the countries, the products and campaign that apply to it, and whether the promotion is specific to only that retailer or applies to multiple sellers on the platform.

For more information on promotions, see Promotions in campaigns.

Promotion types

The Promotions API will initially support two types of discount-related promotions:

Price off

This applies when a discount is active on a product. The product will be highlighted on with something like the following:


This applies when a product is not discounted, but already has a low price relative to other products in its classification type. The product will be highlighted on with something like the following:


BETA program timeline

The Promotions API will be part of the new API Beta project at This means that we will be working more actively with our partners to gather their valuable feedback to improve the program and communicating the planned timeline of this functional Beta to ensure that it is released on schedule.

The Promotions API will be released on the following timeline:

  • Start date: June 1, 2021
  • End date: September 1 / V6 release

To participate

If you wish to participate in the Promotions Beta, please contact us via email here


[UPDATE] The Promotions API is now live in Beta. Please get in touch with us if you would like to participate in the program.

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