Retailer API V5 released

Today we released the newest version of the Retailer API. In this fifth version we have not only added new functionalities and enhancements, but also worked on improving the process of migrating to the latest version. 

For more information about the changes and improvements in V5 see this topic.  
If you want to know more about the service Automation via, see this topic.

Important changes

We already shared a preview of the improvements in V5 in this topic, but since then there have been a few changes, namely:

Shipping items to pickup points (BETA)

This BETA feature will be discontinued as it did not meet our expectations. For more information refer to this messageWe hope to bring this feature live as part of our new service Verzenden via later this year.

Allowable retail price (BETA)

Based on our hypotheses and KPIs which were not successfully met, this feature has been discontinued and will not be part of V5. However, we are working on an improved version and will keep you informed.

Unpublished offer export (BETA)

This feature won’t become GA (general available) in V5 but will remain a BETA in V6. We are working hard on making this feature available to everyone and will keep you informed.

Subscription API (BETA)

We are almost ready to make this GA but need a bit more time to make it stable enough for public release. The goal is to make this GA around mid-June, and it will remain a BETA until then. If you wish to use this feature, let us know through the usual channels. We are working to improve the scalability of the service, but it is available if you want to use it.


Aside from the already-mentioned improvements we’ve added some more improvements in this version:

Technical documentation (Redoc)

For developers we added information about which fields in the responses are required. We are still missing some information, but it will be updated in the coming weeks.

Track & Trace code

It is now possible to retrieve the track & trace code for a shipping label, so this can be added directly to your shipments. 

Product content API

It is now possible to add a maximum of 150 product content attributes, instead of the previous limit of 100.

Commissions API

It is once again possible to do a bulk request with 100 EANs

Returns API

We introduced two separate fields to reflect more clearly what the customer indicated when returning an item. 

Migration guide

Along with the release of V5, we have created two migration guides to help users to make a smooth transition from either V3 or V4 to V5, where we have indicated for each API resource what will need to be updated to make your current integration work without any issues.

Do you need help migrating your integration, or getting started with Automation via bol.comThese integration partners can help you with that!

Next versions

To find out more about which changes and versions are scheduled in the Retailer API, see this topic

Are you working with or just migrated to the Retailer API V4? You do not need to migrate to this version if you don’t want to, and you can wait for V6 which will be released on 1 October 2021. For more information, refer to our release plan.

Are you working with Retailer API V3? As previously announced here, this version will be taken offline on 1 October 2021. Therefore, it’s important to migrate to V5 (or V4 if you are already working on that). Contact your technical contact person or integration partner if you require assistance with the upgrade.

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