This is what’s in the Retailer API V4

You might have read it already: on October 1st, a new version of the Retailer API will be released. On this page you can already read about the possibilities and functionality of this fourth version.

The biggest changes in comparison to version 3 are listed below. Be advised that minor changes can be added. These will be mentioned in the migration-guide which will also be available upon the release of version 4.

This is what’s new:

Adding Product-information
An often requested feature and has been usable since May this year: Adding product-information through the Retailer API. You can read more about it here.

This feature is now also added to the Retailer API V4 and now it’s also possible to use the French language when adding product-information for our customers in French Belgium.

Insights in assortment and sales
With this feature you gain insights in how your assortment has been doing during a given time window. This way you can see how many visits there has been and when you have/had the buyblock. In addition, there is also a prediction regarding your future sales. This feature will help you map your customer-wishes, conversion, competition-position and sales.

Retrieving process-status in bulk
By adding this feature, you can retrieve multiple process-statuses in bulk. This will make it easier for you to retrieve more results with less calls.

Subscribe for relevant events
Don’t want to keep tabs on the process status yourself (or the status of the action that you’ve done through the API)? With this feature you can subscribe (through a webhook) to process-status events so you will automatically be informed when something changes

At first this is only available for retrieving process-statuses, later this will be expanded by adding events for offer and orders.

With this feature you are always up to date of what a good price is for your products based on the relevant marketprice. In other words: compared with prices in the market. This way you can always set a competing price and your assortment will never be taken offline because of a too high price.

Disclaimer: this functionality is still in a test phase. After an evaluation period we will decide if and how this feature will be continued.

This has changed:

Creating shipping labels
Are you using shipping labels? Creating them has been improved, so this can be done with more ease. This also included creating shipping labels for the new service Verzenden via (Distribution by, which will become available soon.

With this features the current shipping label flow in version 3 will be replaced.

In the future, we will make it easier for you to register your shipments in a more flexible way into our systems. In the new version, we are making preparations for this so that you can ship/cancel 1 or more order items at once. Therefore, the structure of the message has been updated making it more consistent with the rest of the API.

This allows you to handle returns of products in a simplified way. You can request (a list of) returns, create a return or handle a return.

Are you using fulfillment via (FBB)? You will also see the difference between returns you handle yourself and the ones being handled for you.

Reductions for commission
In the V4 the ‘reduction’ endpoints will now longer be available. Information regarding reductions for commission of certain products can be retrieved in the V4 through the commission endpoints.

This is how you migrate:

Migration to the We will publish a migration guide where we explain in detail the changes between the V3 and the V4. You do not have to migrate per se. You can also choose to wait for the Retailer API V5 which will be published on 1 April 2021. The content of the V5 is still being determined and will be communicated at the appropriate time.

It is good to know that you have to migrate away from the Retailer API V3 before 1 October 2021. On that date the V3 will be turned off.

Here you can read about the API lifecycle for the coming two year.

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