Offer Insights and Sales Forecast

DISCLAIMER: please read the beta program page first.

New in the Retailer API: Offer Insights and Sales Forecast!

From today you can retrieve the number of customer visits, the buy box percentage and the sales forecast from the Retailer API! This enables better analysis of customer needs, conversion, competitive position and expected sales. There are two new endpoints live in beta in the Retailer API, namely: Offer Insights and Sales Forecast.


Be the first to join!

  • We start today with the roll out of this beta version.
  • Benefit as one of the first of these new data insights!
  • Register via this form to participate, with the seller ids, so that we can specifically give these seller ids access to the Offer Insights and Sales Forecast endpoints within the Retailer API.


Feedback is appreciated

  • Feedback or bugs for this beta can be reported via GitHub (not via Partner Service)
  • We take into account the feedback given before March 30 when rolling out the final version
  • If any breaking changes are needed based on the feedback, we will only implement these after communication with all participants of the beta.



Important url’s

What? Where?
Functional documentation
Retailer API resources
Swagger spec
Postman collection (v4)
GitHub page


If the hyperlink for the registration form isn’t working, copy this url: