Offer Management through API

On March 27 2017 the Offer API version 2 was released. All documentation below refers to this version 2. The deprecated version 1 documentation is still available in the archive.

To use the Offer API you only need the API Keys. Version 2 does not require you to activate it with the switch in your seller account. Please do not use this switch when working with Offer API version 2.

The following endpoints are available to help you synchronize your offer with

With the exception of “Get All Offers”, all these API calls aim to be processed and updated on the website in a matter of minutes. “Get All Offers” is an asynchronous process that can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

For general information on using any of the API endpoints, Order or Offer, please refer to our Seller API Documentation as this covers both parts of our API. You will find information on Authentication, Errors and Rate-limiting here.

Adding new products to your offering

Creating and updates offers is combined within one request. This means that if you send us a new EAN through this request, we will add it as a new offer. if you send us a request with an already known EAN, we will consider this an update of the existing offer. Please make sure to validate your data before you send it. If your request does not pass our validation we will drop the entire request and no data will be processed.

How Stock works

Within the API we have 3 different stock values. Please check our Stock scenarios for more information on these values.

Verify that is up to date

We recommend you to check the CSV offer of your export daily to verify the information on still corresponds with the data in your own system. Use the prepare offers and get offer file requests for this purpose.