Offer Management

You can sell any product on that is known in our catalog. You can do this by creating an offer for that specific product.

A offer is the combination of:

  • a product (EAN)
  • a condition (new, 2nd hand, etc.)
  • a unit price
  • a delivery promise (I.e.: “Ordered before 17:00, delivered the next day”)
  • a quantity of items in stock
  • a description in case of a second hand (i.e. not NEW) product.

A offer does NOT contain any product information. If you wish to sell products that are not yet in our catalog or add product information for existing products, please check Product Information Management.

You can send us your total amount of offers in bulk through FTPS, or use our API connection to instantly synchronize the stock of your products between your system and ours.


Differences between FTPS and API Offer management

By request Keys already available in your seller dashboard
Static IP required for whitelisting per account Directly available when using API Keys
Only update entire offering in bulk Update per offer
20 minutes to process Less than one minute to process
Easy to build (CSV export file) Development required
1-way: you send us all your data 2-way: retrieve data and send updates
Optimized for large volume updates Optimized for fast single offer updates