API v3 – Partner performance indicators


In order to fulfill the expectations of our customers it is crucial to continuously strive for the best possible service. To jointly ensure this quality of service is met, a number of service standards apply on the Bol.com platform.

The performance of Bol.com’s partners with regards to these service standards is monitored on a daily basis and reflected in weekly scores. The resulting Performance Indicators can be reviewed on your Seller Performance Dashboard. For more background on the Service norms and our processes you can also refer to the Partner Platform page.


Retrieving your Performance Indicator scores

This API functionality enables you to retrieve your performance indicator scores as listed in the table below, for the 26 weeks covered by the monitoring period*.

The endpoint details can be found here.

*Note that it is possible for scores to change slightly over time, for example in case of customer returns or due to corrections and/or exceptions done by bol.com.


Indicator score explained

The week scores are based on a daily calculated score (we refer to them as the numerator and the denominator). Depending on the indicator, the meaning of the numerator and denominator in the response can change (see table below).

The score element specifies whether the predetermined standard is being met (true / false), what the numerator and denominator was (see table below), the value (denominator divided by the numerator) and the value’s deviation from the norm. You can find the details of the norm under the norm element in the response.


Indicator numerator / denominator

Indicator name Explanation numerator and denominator
CANCELLATIONS % of cancelled items initiated by the seller related to the total amount of ordered items.
FULFILMENT % of items delivered on time measured by inquiring customers and track and trace codes.
REVIEWS Average score of a seller to the overall review question: ‘how do you rate this seller?’
TRACK_AND_TRACE % of shipped items with a valid track & trace code compared to all the shipped items we expect to have a valid track & trace code.
RETURNS % of returned items compared to all ordered items
PHONE_AVAILABILITY % of answered telephone call attempts on working days between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
CASE_ITEM_RATIO % of customer cases in relation to the number of ordered items per week.
RESPONSE_TIME % of customer cases which sellers respond to within 8 working hours