Product labels


This endpoint is specifically for Fulfillment By

With this endpoint you are able to retrieve the product labels that you will need if you have chosen to label your products yourself before shipping it to our warehouse. This endpoint does not need to be used if you have chosen to use our labelling service. The final result of this endpoint will be a PDF in the format you have supplied in the URI.

POST /services/rest/inbounds/productlabels

Request headers

Content-Type application/xml
Accept application/pdf


Name Type Description
format string  This determines the format of the response. The following options are available: AVERY_J8159, AVERY_J8160, AVERY_3474, DYMO_99012, BROTHER_DK11208D, ZEBRA_Z_PERFORM_1000T


Name Type Description
Productlabel > EAN integer
Productlabel > Quantity integer

Example request

POST /services/rest/inbounds/productlabels?format=AVERY_J8159

<Productlabels xmlns="">