Process-status v2

Get process-status

Retrieve a specific process-status., which shows information regarding a previously executed POST- or PUT-request. All PUT- and POST-requests on the other endpoints will supply a process-status-ID in the related response. You can use this ID to retrieve a status by using the endpoint below.

Process-statuses are stored for a maximum of one month. You cannot request the process-status for a process initiated more than a month ago

GET /services/rest/process-status/v2/:id


Name Type Description
process-status-id integer Required. The ID of the process-status being requested. This ID is supplied in every response to a PUT/POST request on the other endpoints.
GET /services/rest/process-status/v2/1234567

Example response

Status: 201 OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns1:ProcessStatus xmlns:ns1="">
 <ns1:description>Confirm shipment for order item 987654321.</ns1:description>
 <ns1:errorMessage>The item is already shipped or cancelled.</ns1:errorMessage>
 <ns1:link ns1:method="GET" ns1:href="" ns1:rel="self"/>

Response values explained

Name Type Description
id long ID of the process-status.
sellerID long ID of the seller.
entityID string ID of the object being processed. E.g. in case of a shipment process-ID, you will receive the ID of the OrderItem being processed.
eventType string Name of the requested action that is being processed.
description string Describes the action that is being processed.
status string Status of the action being processed. Possible values are:

errorMessage string Shows error message if applicable.
createTimestamp dateTime Time of creation of the response.
Links complexType Lists available actions applicable to this endpoint.

Endpoint XSD

Download XSD for the process-status-v2 endpoint below.