Transports v2

Add transport information

Used to add information to a specific transport. The :id (Transport-ID) is part of the Shipment. You can retrieve the transport-id through the GET shipments request.

Warning: It is not possible to change a transport. You can only add information that you have left out the initial create shipment request.

PUT /services/rest/transports/v2/:id


Name Type Description
transport-id integer Required. Used to specify which transport you want to add information to (e.g. track&trace code).
PUT /services/rest/transports/v2/106603145


Name Type Description
TransporterCode string Required. Specify the transporter used to fulfil this shipment. Choose a transporter from the list of available transporters.
TrackAndTrace string Required. Track&trace code associated with this transport.

Warning: The entered track&trace code will be verified. If you do not have the code, please omit this attribute entirely!

Example request

<ChangeTransportRequest xmlns="">

Example response

Status: 201 OK
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns1:ProcessStatus xmlns:ns1="">
  <ns1:description>Change transport with id.</ns1:description>
    <ns1:link ns1:method="GET" ns1:href="" ns1:rel="self" />

Possible Statuses are listed below. Check the process-status endpoint page for more information.