Single shipment

What’s new in v2.1

  • We had to change the OrderId and OrderItemId fields from a Long to a String in order to comply with changes in our landscape.
  • We have renamed the field “PromisedDeliveryDate” to “LatestDeliveryDate” in order to give the field a proper meaning. The word “Promised” made it feel like it was a promise between the customer and the retailer which isn’t the case.

Get a single shipment

With this endpoint you’re able to retrieve a single shipment by it’s corresponding id.

GET /services/rest/shipments/v2/shipment-id


In order to use this endpoint you do need to add a specific Acceptheader to your request (listed below).


Example Request and Response

GET /services/rest/shipments/v2/shipment-id
Status: 200 OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<Shipments xmlns="">
    <ShipmentId> </ShipmentId>
    <ShipmentDate> </ShipmentDate>
        <OrderItemId> </OrderItemId>
        <OrderId> </OrderId>
        <OrderDate> </OrderDate>
        <LatestDeliveryDate> </LatestDeliveryDate>
        <EAN> </EAN>
        <Title> </Title>
        <Quantity> </Quantity>
        <OfferPrice> </OfferPrice>
        <OfferCondition> </OfferCondition>
        <OfferReference> </OfferReference>
        <FulfilmentMethod> </FulfilmentMethod>
 <TransportId> </TransportId>
 <TransporterCode> </TransporterCode>
 <SalutationCode> </SalutationCode>
 <Firstname> </Firstname>
 <Surname> </Surname>
 <Streetname> </Streetname>
 <Housenumber> </Housenumber>
 <ZipCode> </ZipCode>
 <City> </City>
 <CountryCode> </CountryCode>
 <Email> </Email>