The Integrators partner program was our first step into developing ecosystem programs, and was set up to connect Integrators and sellers.

We believe you, our Integration partners, play a key-role in enabling growth for our sellers. You provide a reliable way to synchronize information between different applications and sales channels. This allows the sellers to keep focus on optimizing their sales by having their relevant data available in one place as opposed to managing many different applications and dashboards. Integrators are also able to improve efficiency, reduce errors, save time and open up new opportunities.

The Integrators program aims to provide an overview of the services and key benefits of each Integration partner, helping sellers find the best Integrator partner suited to their needs. Your experience and feedback is highly valued, and we involve our Integration partners in the design and building process of new services.

Partnership levels

We aim to help our sellers navigate our ecosystem and guarantee quality standards. Our Integrators program includes different categories: gold, silver and bronze, each with their own specific requirements and benefits.

Benefits for integrators in the Integrator program

As a certified Integrator, you get:

  • Pre-release access to new API functionality and early access to API documentation through closed beta-programs
  • To attribute in the design of new functionality
  • Access to webinars and (tech) workshops to discuss new functionality and share best practices
  • Access to the oAuth Codeflow to enable user-friendly keyless authentication
  • Gold and Silver partners are connected directly to 2nd-tier API Operations support

In addition, certified Integration partners can also expect commercial benefits, support and endorsement from

  • Promotion on the partnerplatform and as preferred option during the onboarding of new sellers
  • Promotion as launching partners for new (API) functionality (when applicable)
  • Invites to branded events with the opportunity to present yourself to our sellers

On top of that, gold integration partner get extra benefits:

  • Connection to Acquisition team for lead-sharing and joint acquisition/pitches to sellers
  • Matched to a account-manager, to facilitate growth for high potential sellers
  • Opportunity to speak at webinars and to invite as a speaker at your own webinars


Do you want to grow your business together with us? Fill in the form via the link below. Applications will be reviewed every six months.

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Requirements & Benefits

To help our sellers navigate our ecosystem and guarantee quality standards, the Integrators program contains different levels; each with their own specific requirements and benefits.

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API documentation

With the Retailer API you can develop tooling that integrates and connects other systems with the platform.

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