Back to overview Retailer API v8: Live on 1st October 2022

Placed on:30 September 2022

A new version of the Retailer API has been released on 1st October 2022.

The Retailer API version 8 introduces eminent new features and significant improvements in the API.

New features:


  • Orders API: Following new fields have been added to the Get a list of orders endpoint in the Orders API:
    • change-interval-minute - Retrieves a list of all the new and changed orders within the specified timeframe sorted by the time of the latest change.
    • latest-change-date - Retrieves a list of all the order items that were last changed on a given date for up to three months in the past.
  • New fields added to the response body of Get a list of orders endpoint and Get an order by order id endpoint. For more information on the Orders API, see v8 functional documentation.
  • Invoices API: Changes in supported media type formats.
  • Changes to the request and body structures of the APIs. For more information about the overview of the changes, see v8 Release Notes.
  • Changes in the functional documentation.

Upgrade from v7 to leverage the advantages of the enhanced designs and features in the new v8 API. For more information, see v7-v8 migration guides.