Product Information Management

Manage product information through an automated feed

If the articles you want to sell are not yet known on, you will have to add them to the catalogue. If they do already exist in our catalogue, you may want to change that or add product information of your own.

These pages will provide you with a technical manual to set-up a (semi-automated or automated) feed for your product information, through FTPS. This is relevant for you if you have the IT capacity to generate a file especially customized for the feed process.

Don’t have the capacity to generate a customized file? You may want to check out our other methods for managing your product information, for example uploading and editing products through your account.

Are you a new partner without an account?

Visit our Partner Platform.

You want to know more about the affiliate partner program (in dutch)? Please find it here.

Do you want to know how processes and displays product information, why product information is important, and how you can make sure your product information serves your customers best? Read everything about product information here.

Do you need help setting up an automated connection?

There are various intermediary parties that can assist you.