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Reminder: Content FTP will be phased out. After 01-04-2022 uploading via Content FTP is no longer possible.

Placed on:25 January 2022

Dear Partners,

This messaged is aimed at partner using Content FTPS. If you are not using Content FTPS this message does not apply to you.

After 01-04-2022 we stop allowing textual content and images to be delivered via FTPS.

Before this date all current users of Content FTPS need to migrate to alternatives.

After 01-04-2022 content send via the FTP will not be accepted.

Key reasons for this decision:

  • Small usergroup: only 200 partners are still using Content FTPS
  • Users switched to API: 90% of our automated partners switched from FTP to Retailer API last year.
  • Future services: we are not able to offer all our (future) services via FTPS.
  • Focus on API: we focus on the Retailer API as the place for automating content delivery.

We hope this decision finds you well and expect that the date of 01-04-2022 will grant you enough time to switch to one of our alternatives:

Retailer API

More than a year ago we made it possible to deliver content via Retailer API, and by now the vast majority of former FTP users has switched to this new channel. The content module of the Retailer API will be updated with our newest futures.

More information about Retailer API (Dutch)

Pros: Complete solution: can also be used for prices and orders, includes all future services.

Cons: You need to develop the API connection, needs to be upgraded every 1,5 years

Interesting when: having +2500 products, already using Retailer API for prices and orders


We have selected multiple integrators which can be used for automation. Integrators have established and reliable connections with, which can be used for a monthly fee.

More information about integrators (Dutch)

Pros: Complete solution: can also be used for prices and orders. You do not need to build your own Retailer API connection. The integrator will upgrade you connection every 1,5 years.

Cons: Monthly fee. You still need to create a mapping to match your content with our datamodel.

Interesting when: having +2500 products, no inhouse IT knowledge.

Verkoopaccount (Selleraccount)

The verkoopaccount is our portal in which all aspects of selling on can be managed. It is possible to upload / change up to 2500 products at a time in our Verkoopaccount. It is possible to give employees access to separate parts of the seller account, for example: only adding products and content.

More information about adding multiple articles in verkoopaccount (Dutch)

Pros: Free and easy to use

Cons: No automation possible. Limited to editing 2500 products at a time

Interesting when: <2500 products, if you do not want to make costs.