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[Resolved] Timeouts for several endpoints

Placed on:16 August 2022

Incident description:

Since August 16th 15:05 there has been an ongoing issue with the Retailer API. This issue results in more ‘504 errors’ to be returned. We are working hard on a solution. Updates on the issue will be posted on this page. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Update – 17th Aug 17:10

The issue appears to be resolved, title was changed accordingly. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Update – 17th Aug 16:00

The implemented solution appears to have resolved the issue. We'll continue monitoring and mark this as resolved if no issues have occured by EoD.

Update – 17th Aug 14:05

A solution is now implemented, we are verifying it's effectivity and improving resiliency.

Update – 17th Aug 12:40

We are closing in on the solution of the issue. However, due to the severity of the issue we might have to take actions that include downtime. We will keep you informed.

Update – 17th Aug 10:19

The issue is still going on. Retailer API and Open API give back 504's at a certain frequency. We are investigating with emergency priority.

Update – 16th Aug 22:15

Unfortunately, the issue seems to be broader and involves several endpoints. We will continue investigating tomorrow morning.

Update – 16th Aug 15:25

The issue is assumed to be resolved. Please check the process status of your requests. In case of a timeout, please retry the original request.