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Offer API v1 downtime between 06:30 and 07:15 on 04-01-2017

This morning during a release of an update on the offer services the Offer API was temporarily unavailable. Most requests sent to the offer api during this timeperiod were queued and handled, however we have noticed that some other requests

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Retailer API: part one

We’re currently developing an entirely new API that will replace both our current API’s (Order and Offer). This will be the first part of a series of posts. In these articles, we’ll explain what we’re currently developing and why we’ve

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Reminder FBB upgrade for shipments and orders

A reminder for all API users that use Lvb/Fbb! For most of you, all your stock will be moved to the new fulfilmentcenter either this year or next year. In order to retrieve order and shipment information for stock in

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November datamodel preview available

In November the new datamodel will be activated. To prepare for this new model we have released the XML Datamodel that will be used in november. Please use this to prepare your code and mapping software. The new XML Datamodel

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The last few months we have introduced several new API endpoints. We realize that each new endpoint we introduce requires IT-resources on your end to implement in your own system. In order to decrease the amount of effort required to

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Order and Shipment endpoints receive optional 2.1 update

Because of the introduction of letters into the OrderID and OrderitemIDs we have introduced new version of all endpoints that use these ID’s. These letters are at this time only possible when handling shipments in the new fulfilmentcenter, which means

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IMPORTANT FBB API update announcement

An important update will be made to the FBB API. Currently we only use 1 fulfilmentcenter for FBB Sellers to ship to, and for us to ship from. In the near future this will be expanded to a second fulfilmentcenter.

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Payments API closed for new subscriptions

As of today we have limited access to the Payments API. Only current active users will be able to reach these endpoints. Any new connections to this API will be denied.   The Payments API has been deprecated since the

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Scheduled maintenance 25-27 August ( on content)

Between 17:00 on 25-08-2017 and 23:55 on 27-08-2017 scheduled maintenance will be performed on our product catalog. During this maintenance you will not be able to add new content (or with a 48 hour delay). This includes adding new products

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New August Datamodel now active

As announced, the new datamodel for August 7 was released today. All EANs currently online will remain on the webshop but might require additional information when updating. Alle new products you wish to add have to match the requirments in

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