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22-07-2021 | Images through API will be processed with some delay

Unfortunately there is some delay of 72 hours for processing the images that came through the API. Therefore it could be possible that new products will be available on after 72 hours. Our apologies for this delay.

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Update – Content FTP will be phased out. After 01-04-2022 uploading via Content FTP is no longer possible.

Dear Partners, This messaged is aimed at partner using Content FTPS. If you are not using Content FTPS this message does not apply to you. After 01-04-2022 we stop allowing textual content and images to be delivered via FTPS. Before

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Change to Offer rate limits in September and November

Currently, the Offer rate limits are set to 91 requests per second. From September 6st and November 1st 2021 respectively, these offer limits will change. On September 6st, offer requests will change from 91 requests per second to 70 requests

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Product content enrichment levels changing

Starting from beginning August, the product content datamodel will no longer support attribute enrichment up to 3 levels. The datamodel will then only consist of one mandatory level (Level 1) and one optional level (Level 2). Any users of the

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As of July 2021, the invoice endpoint can return 2 invoices instead of 1

Starting from July 2021 (last week), every partner that uses advertising, will get 2 invoices a month. One from retail and one from the advertising department (BRMG). This means that you, if you are using services from BRGM, will

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[Resolved] 07-08-2021 | Offer reference and offer id missing in open orders

Currently, we are experiencing an issue where the offer reference and offer id are missing. We are aware of the situation, the IT team is looking into it. When we have an update, this message will be updated. Update: the issue

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[Resolved] 07-07-2020 – Retailer API – Delay offer updates

Between 08:00 and 09:00, offer updates and create offer requests were processed with a delay of approximately 30 minutes. Since 09:00 the offer processing is back to normal.

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[Resolved] 06-07-2021 | Retailer API Orders & Returns endpoint outage

Since 14:30 we have some problems with our Orders and Returns endpoint. Therefore you are not able to do a GET and PUT/POST on the whole Orders endpoint. For return we can not provide the order information. Make sure to

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[Resolved] 05-07-2020 – Retailer API – Delay offer updates

Between 17:00 and 18:00, offer updates and create offer requests were processed with a delay of approximately 30 minutes. Since 18:00 the offer processing is back to normal.

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[Resolved] 29-06-2021 | A part of the images sent via Content API / Content FTP not processed since 23-06, will most likely be restored at 02-07.

Since 23-06 we encountered problems with downloading assets from external sources. This means: if you (or your integrator) hosts images yourself, and you sent us the URL’s via API or FTP, than there is a chance that we did not

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