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Max Integer value reached for OrderItemID

Today we’ve noticed several API users trying to ship an OrderItemID with ID value 2147483647. While the OrderItemID is a String in our current API, we have noticed many users have mapped this to an Integer in their own applications.

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New Datamodel temporarily unvailable

Currently the latest version of the XML Datamodel for content uploads is not available. We are working on getting it back online. You can ofcourse still use the datamodel you’ve downloaded previously, but the latest and greatest is temporarily not

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Order publication delay for sellers – Non API related

Yesterday a lot of orders have not been published meaning they were not available for sellers to process. Today we manually pushed those orders but they contain the original delivery promise causing performance issues. This means that some orders will

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[Resolved] Service interuption – unavailable

Due to a technical issue with our database the webshop, seller dashboard and PlazaAPI were temporarily unavailable. This interruption started at 09:47 on 30-10-2018. – The PlazaAPI has not processed messages between 09:47 and 09:52. – The webshop

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API and FTPS maintenance 30-10-2018 06.00-07.00

Tomorrow morning we will be performing maintenance to some of the services that process the API and FTPS feeds. We expect minor impact which can result in slightly higher response times and at most time-outs for requests. FTPS files placed

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Seller API – EOF downtime – 25-10-2018

Thursday 25-10-2018 between 06:00 and 07:00 the offer database will be down for maintenance which will result in longer processing times for any offer updates inserted through the API. Offers updated or inserted during that period will be placed on

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24-10-2018 06:00 – Maintenance planned for parts of the seller API

Tomorrow morning, 24-10, between 06:00 and 07:00 am we will be performing an update to parts of our backend system which require downtime for the services that handle order requests ,confirmations and cancellations. The expected downtime will be around 10

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EOF – GET Offer Export not available on the 18th and 19th.

Unfortunately the GET Offer Export currently does not give a result when called upon. The error shown is that it is still being processed but this will not change as there’s no file generated. We are looking into the issue

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EOF – Downtime JSON GET Requests

Between 11:55 en 12:15 on the 18th we returned errors on all JSON GET requests that were done on the EOF. The cause has been found and reverted as a result the service should be up again since 12:15.  

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New transporter RJP available

A new transporter has been added to the available transport list . You can now choose NedWRK (Red je pakketje) as option for transport. Please use the code RJP when selecting this transporter. When choosing this transporter and supplying a valid

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