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[Resolved] 10-05-2021 | Open API – 504 errors/timeouts

Currently, we often return a 504 error/timeout via the Open API. We are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. As soon as the problem has been resolved, we will post an update on this page. Update

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[Resolved] 10-05-2021 | Retailer API – Offer updates are not processing

Since 15:05, no offer updates or offer creates are being processed. The IT team is currently working hard on solving the issue. Please make sure to check the process status. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Update 16:30: We are recovering

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Verzenden via to allow the use of pickup points

The Retailer API is ready to offer our partners the ability to use delivery pickup points via Albert Heijn or PostNL in the Netherlands, and Albert Heijn branches in Belgium. We will automatically offer this option to customers in

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Help us improve the Retailer API by taking this survey

As a platform that is constantly aiming to improve its services, one of our goals is to provide a better experience for our developers and API-connected partners. Therefore your experience as a developer and opinion on the Retailer API

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* Changed date* Retailer API – Planned downtime Inbound service on 07/05/2021

Planned downtime of an Inbound service will take place on May 6 between 08:00 and 09:00. During this downtime, it is not possible to use the inbound API service. We expect less then 5 minutes of total downtime in this

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[Resolved] 04-05-2021 – Retailer API – issue with offer requests

Between 15:00 and 16:45 we experienced some issues with offer updates and get offer requests. We advise you to double-check the process status of your requests, several offer updates failed during this time. If the update failed, please retry the

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[04-05-2021] – Retailer API & Offer FTPS – Dates scheduled maintenance offer service (once a month)

Downtime is scheduled once a month for maintenance of an offer service. The maintenance is scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month between 06:00 and 07:00. The maintenance is scheduled for the following dates: May 25, 2021 June 29,

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Promotions API Beta coming soon

The Retailer API will be releasing a new Promotions API in BETA, from 1 June 2021. This will provide our partners with the ability to track upcoming promotions through the API, so that they can evaluate whether they should adjust

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New Retailer API BETA Program

To improve your experience with the Retailer API, we are launching the renewed Retailer API program. This new program, which we designed based on your feedback, will include a release schedule as well as announcements of future betas so

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28-04-2021 Retailer API | small change in offer rate limits

Today, we lowered some of the offer rate limits with approximately 10%. When you have configured the rate limits according to the headers, as described on, you probably won’t notice anything about this change. More information on using rate

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