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[21-02-2020] Request process statuses in bulk

As of the 10th of February, it is possible to fetch multiple process status in bulk from the Retailer API using only 1 request. With this new endpoint, you can provide up to 1000 process status id’s in one single

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20-02-2020 API V2 – when retrieving open orders, title sometimes shown as ‘Unknown’

When the open orders are retrieved via the API V2, in some cases the title of articles is returned as ‘Unknown’. We are working hard to resolve the issue.

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[Resolved] 19-02-2020 Retailer API V3 – Get offer requests failed

Due to an issue on our side, ‘Get offer’ requests that were done between 11.45 and 13.00 on February 19th via de API V3 failed. Creating/updating offers went ok between this time. Since 13.00 Get offer requests via the API

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[Maintenance Notification] – 06-02-2020 04:00-06:00

Next Thursday we will be performing maintenance to multiple services which will mean there will be downtime between 04:00 and 06:00. The downtime is expected to last for about fifteen minutes and will affect all versions and all endpoints of

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Cancelled orders have been showing up as open orders – Look closely at cancellation requests

Unfortunately we have noticed that orders where payments by our customers have failed but are still showing up as open orders in the Retailer API and the seller dashboard. There is currently no way for you to define which orders

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[Resolved] Retailer API v3 – High amount of errors as of 10:30

We are currently having issues with the Retailer API v3 where a lot of the requests are failing because of a 404 not found error. We are looking into this issues and are trying to resolve it as soon as

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[Resolved] Offer FTPS flow is currently not processing new files

Unfortunately we have a operational issue since 12:30 which means the Offer FTPS uploads are currently not being processed by our systems. This means that it is currently not possible to alter your offers with the use of the Offer

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New order number type as of Q3 2020

Please be aware that as of Q3 2020 (exact date is unknown, expected around July), a new order number will be shared with our partners. Background Around July, we expect to introduce a new order id format. The current format

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DateTime API consistency fix for v3 API deployed at 14:00 today

As announced on December 9th, today we will deploy a change that will fix the consistency of the DateTime format for the entire V3 API. Please refer to the post: 09-12-2019 Different DateTime formats used in API v3 – Will

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24-12-2019 – Retailer API – Endpoint ‘Get an invoice specification by invoice id’

In order to make the endpoint ‘Get an invoice specification by invoice id’ faster, the length of the response per page is shortened. Please note, this endpoint uses pagination, always check if you have all the data.

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