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Promotions API Beta is now live

We are excited to announce that users can now use the Retailer API to manage their upcoming promotions. The Promotions API, which is currently in beta, allows customers to track both promotions that belong to a marketing campaign, and

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[Resolved] 10/6/2021 – Retailer API – 404/500 errors for Offer insights and Sales forecast

In the past few days, there were issues with the Offer insights and Sales forecast endpoints. As a result, we unfortunately returned 404/500 errors on the days/times listed below. 8/6 20:00 to 9/6 10:00 9/6 10:45 to 11:10 9/6 16:15

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[RESOLVED] 03-07-2021 Billing details restored

The outage which we reported a short time ago on billing details in the Orders API has been resolved. You can continue your normal business activities and re-import your orders if necessary.

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Outage on billing details

The Retailer API (and the Seller Dashboard) is currently experiencing an outage on billing details with regards to the Orders API. We are aware and working on the problem, and we will alert you as soon as we are back

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[Resolved] 02-06-2021 – Retailer API – Occasional timeouts for shipment requests

Some Ship order item requests that were done between 09:57 and 10:07 resulted in a timeout. Most shipment requests during this timeframe were successfully processed. Please check the process status of your requests to see if all orders have been

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Planned downtime order & return endpoint on June 3

As previously announced on this page. on Thursday June 3 between 06:00 and 07:00 there will be downtime on our Retailer API Order and Return endpoints. During this downtime, it is not possible to confirm or cancel orders. Also, it

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01-06-2021 – Retailer API – Improved error messages for ‘Ship order item’ endpoint

We are constantly working on improving our service. We have now improved the error messages for the ‘Ship order item’ endpoint. The change will go live tomorrow. From then on, we will more specifically indicate the reason for a failed

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01-06-2021 – Retailer API – Issue with multi-line orders

There is currently an issue with some multi-line orders. When retrieving the open order, it can happen that we don’t immediately give back all orderItems in the response. With a (small) delay we do give back all orderItems from the

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[Resolved] 01-06-2021| Retailer API insights will not work

Since 13:00 we having problems with insights: Offer insights, Sales forecast and Search terms. We are working hard to find a solutions. Update 14:30: The issue is resolved  

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[Resolved] 28-05-2021 | Offer export unavailable

Since 16:30 all offer export will end up in a failure, this applies to both unpublished offer export as the offer export. We are working hard to solve this problem Update 28-05, 16:45 The issue has been resolved.

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