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Preview of upcoming API Releases

In the coming weeks we plan to release a few new endpoints and upgrades. GET orders 2.1 & GET shipments 2.1 A minor upgrade for both the GET requests for Open Orders and Shipments. This introduces a few new elements

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August datamodel preview available

In August the new datamodel will be activated. To prepare for this new model we have released the XML Datamodel that will be used in august. Please use this to prepare your code and mapping software. The new XML Datamodel

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Reductions endpoint introduced

A few weeks ago we sent out a URL that had a downloadable list of current EANs which were eligible for a reduction of the commission fee. This file provided the EAN, maximum price criteria and start- and end date.

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Invoice API released!

Today we’ve released two new API endpoints: Get Invoice List Get Single Invoice These two endpoints will provide you with a complete view of all payments by to you as a seller and all payments of you as a

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BULK option added to Commission request

Many of you have asked us to create a bulk interface for the Get Commission request. We have now added a POST request in which you can query up to 100 EANs in one request. Please check the Get Commission

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Scheduled maintenance FTPS-servers 29-05-2017@09:00

This only concerns users of either the Content or Offer FTPS accounts. This does not affect the ‘older’ FTP accounts. At 09:00 we will be implementing changes on the firewall which will allow us to process requests for new accounts

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All new FTP connections now on FTPS.

Starting april we have stopped providing new FTP accounts when one was requested through the Content or Offer FTP Requests forms. All new accounts now use the FTPS protocol. Existing account can continue using their current FTP account or upgrade

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Reduced commission list available through Offer FTP.

As you may have noticed when using the offer FTP, a new file has been placed in the root of your ftp-account.This file: Verlaging_Bemiddelingsbijdrage_23052017_0930.csv contains a list of all EAN’s that qualify for a reduction on the commission fee. We will

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Scheduled downtime Returns endpoint today at 17:00

This afternoon at 17:00 a new release is scheduled which might cause downtime for the Returns endpoint. We will try to minimize the amount of downtime, but in worst case it could last 10 minutes. This only affects the Returns endpoint

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Cleanup Content-FTP server on 22-05-2017

On May 22nd we will begin cleaning up the Content-FTP(S) server by removing older files. Why? To increase speed and efficiency of the server. What is removed? All images that are over 1 week old within the folders images (main

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