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[Resolved] 29-05-2020 – Retailer API – Order confirmations with the transporterCode ‘OTHER’ cannot be processed

Orders confirmed with the transporterCode ‘OTHER’ cannot be processed at the moment. We are working hard to solve the issue. Confirm the order again after the issue is resolved. If an order needs to be confirmed immediately, please confirm the

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15-05-2020 – API v3 and Offer FTPS – scheduled maintenance offer service

Friday 15-05-2020 between 06.20 and 06:50 an offer service will be down for maintenance, which will result in longer processing times for PUT/POST offer requests via the API v3 and Offer FTPS feeds. Offers updated or inserted during that period

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15-05-2020 – API v3 – Scheduled maintenance Performance Indicator service

Scheduled maintenance of the Performance Indicator service will take place on May 15 between 06:00 and 06:30. In total there will be 5 minutes of downtime in this period. During the downtime, it is temporarily not possible to request the

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[Resolved] 14-05-2020 Outage Product Content API

Since 01:00 AM (14-05) we are experiencing issues with a content service, resulting in no validation reports being generated and also no time-outs being sent to the Product Content API. Old validation reports also cannot be retrieved until the issue

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12-05-2020 – Retailer API versions v1, v2 and v2.1 will be turned off today

We have informed you about this earlier and today the time has come: versions 1, 2 and 2.1 of the Retailer API will be turned off at 10:00. If you work automatically with via the API, this is

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Product Content is LIVE in the Retailer API!

A big thanks to all the people and Integration partners who helped on this project! Either by providing us input in advance or helping us during beta-testing! What does this mean? All partners can now post content via the Retailer

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[Resolved] 29-04-2020 – Retailer API – Offer changes to the webshop delayed

Currently we are facing technical issues with offer processing. Publishing of offers creates and offer changes to the webshop is delayed by a significant amount of time. We are working hard to resolve the issues and will keep you posted

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[Resolved] 29-04-2020 – Retailer API – inbounds cannot be retrieved (v2 and v3)

Currently we are having issues with the API, where in some cases inbounds for LvB cannot be retrieved and the request times out. We are working on resolving the issues. Update 19:09: the issue has been resolved.

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Retailer API v3 keeps improving for you

Several bugfixes and improvements (I.E. retrieve process status in bulk, more accurate response codes, improved offer export performance and higher rate limits for shipping label endpoints) have been done lately to improve operations on the Retailer API v3. Thank you

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New Offer FTPS accounts can be requested until May 12

New Offer FTPS accounts can be requested until May 12 2020. After May 12 it is no longer possible to request a new account. After 12 May the Offer FTPS will continue to exist for existing Offer FTPS accounts. After

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