Content program

Do you offer a service that helps our partners with their content and better product-information/attributes, such as copywriting or photography? Then sign up for our content ecosystem program and help our sellers grow! Participate in our program and benefit from a listing on our partnerplatform, and closer cooperation with the team.

We believe that the right content is vital for our sellers, and want to make sure that our sellers have the best-in-class service. The right product information, attributes and photography can help boost our sellers sales and can help them grow.

To ensure quality and reliability for our sellers, we have several requirements to join the Content program. These requirements help improve your product/service, enforce quality guidelines and will benefit our mutual business goals.

Benefits for content parties in the Content program

  • Promotion on the¬†partnerplatform
  • To attribute in the design of new functionality
  • Access to webinars and workshops to discuss new functionality and share best practices
  • If applicable, access to 2nd-tier API Operations support


Do you want to grow your business together with us? Apply and we will come back to you as soon as we can.



To help our sellers navigate our ecosystem and guarantee quality standards our program has certain requirements

Read more about the requirements

API documentation

With the Retailer API you can integrate your product and services with, allowing you to process orders from

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